El próximo 18 de febrero de 16:00 a 17:00 contaremos por primera vez con la presencia en Las Palmas de Mike Griffiths, experto en metodologías ágiles de gestión de proyectos y miembro del comité de dirección de la certificación PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner), para impartir la conferencia titulada “Solving today´s complex projects with agility“.

¡Si te interesan las metodologías ágiles, no puedes perder esta oportunidad!

Abstract: Today’s projects are often set against a backdrop of incomplete information, shifting priorities and rapid technology advancements. They bring subject matter experts together who must then collaborate, problem solve and drive towards project success. This is the new reality for projects in the knowledge worker economy, if the problem was predictable and fully definable upfront then likely other companies would have already have done it and there would be no competitive advantage in us doing it.

Managing today’s knowledge workers is very difficult using yesterday’s industrial worker processes. We cannot create detailed unchanging plans upfront, project managers do not have the domain expertise to define the best sequence of tasks, and the project uncertainty requires more team based decision making – so you better be good at it.

These are the wicked problems facing project managers today. While the certainty of mathematically predictable schedules is very seductive in turbulent times, better results are being found outside of scheduling science in the people science domain. Unlikely as it sounds, but from the geeky IT field has emerged a framework for knowledge worker collaboration and goal seeking. This presentation tells the story of this improbable birth and explores how these approaches will evolve in the future. 

Conference Organiser Explanation: Using the analogy of how the solution to finding longitude at sea, which was a wicked problem in the 1700’s, that was solved by a carpenter that nobody believed or expected. The presentation explains how agile solves today’s wicked problem of bringing subject matter experts together to collaborate and solve problems with incomplete requirements and high rates of change. Just as a carpenter is an unlikely source for solving a complex mathematics problem, so too is the software industry for finding a way to drive solutions from divergent stakeholders.

Several topics are explored including the “Seduction of Certainty” (the allure of a seemingly perfect, predictable model even if it is impractical to apply), the “Unsophisticated Outsider” (how simple solutions often provide better results in real life), and how agile employs leadership techniques to overcome project complexity


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